Writing a stand up comedy act scripts

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Writing for stand-up

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Most of what I focus on is writing comedy for a stand up act. However, the same techniques are used in blog writing, script writing or any other writing, because the fundamentals of comedy and the goals, (getting people to laugh), remain the same.

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Over the years I have gotten several emails from Killer Stand-up Online Course Members that went something like this: There are several key issues why you won’t find much of value from stand-up comedy act transcripts: How To Write Stand-up Comedy Material (Overview).

Screwball Comedy. Screwball comedy is more a style and attitude and historical happenstance than a genre - a distinctly American class of battle-of-the-sexes romantic farce.

Ricky Gervais

Kids Monologues for actors. 3 short monologues for kids more kids monologues coming soon "free as always and with author information if available" Practicing a monologue can be tough.

For the purpose of this How to Be a Comedian Guide, writing stand-up comedy can be broken down into a few broad steps: DETERMINE TOPIC First, determine your topic.

The 4 Rules of Comedy Writing For Screenwriters

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Writing a stand up comedy act scripts
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