Write a system of linear inequalities that has no solution equation

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Expressions & Equations

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Systems of linear inequalities

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How to Write a Simple C++ Game in 15 Minutes

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Creating an equation with no solutions

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• A variable in either equation has a coefficient of 1 or −1. Systems of Equations and Inequalities. 40 terms. Systems of Equations and Inequalities. 14 terms. SOS Algebra 1 Unit 5- Substitution Method. 64 terms. As you can see the solution to the system is the coordinates of the point where the two lines intersect.

So, when solving linear systems with two variables we are really asking where the two lines will intersect. Solving systems of inequalities has an interesting application--it allows us to find the minimum and maximum values of quantities with multiple constraints.

First, assign a variable (x or y) to each quantity that is being solved for.

Systems of Equations and Inequalities

Write an equation for the quantity that is being maximized or. Again, note that the last example is a “ Compound Inequality ” since it involves more than one inequality.


The solution set is the ordered pairs that satisfy both inequalities; it is indicated by the darker shading. Bounded and Unbounded Regions.

With our Linear Programming examples, we’ll have a set of compound inequalities, and they will be bounded inequalities. Hooke's law is a principle of physics that states that the force (F) needed to extend or compress a spring by some distance x scales linearly with respect to that distance.

That is: =, where k is a constant factor characteristic of the spring: its stiffness, and x is small compared to the total possible deformation of the spring.

The law is named after 17th. Section Solving Exponential Equations. Now that we’ve seen the definitions of exponential and logarithm functions we need to start thinking about how to solve equations involving them.

Write a system of linear inequalities that has no solution equation
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