Human migration out of africa

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Early human migrations

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Out of Africa: How early humans first got to Europe

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Early human migrations

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The Great Human Migration The other, out-of-Africa theory, held that modern humans evolved in Africa for many thousands of years before. First human migration out of Africa more geographically widespread than previously thought April 9,Max Planck Society General view of the excavations at the Al Wusta site, Saudi Arabia.

Dec 06,  · A clip from the PBS series First Peoples. New archaeological evidence is presented for an early human migration out of Africa tens of thousands of years earlier than previously thought.

The Great Human Migration The other, out-of-Africa theory, held that modern humans evolved in Africa for many thousands of years before they spread throughout the rest of the world. The 85,year-old fossilized human finger bone, unearthed in the Saudi Arabian desert, suggests that early humans took completely different routes out of Africa than was previously suspected, a.

Researchers on the latest study were careful to say their work doesn't address all questions about early human migration out of Africa, including the exact timing and whether other groups such as Founded: Sep 18,

Human migration out of africa
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