Corregidor island a travel back in

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Corregidor Island

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Corregidor Island: Reliving WW II History in a Day

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Heavily bombarded by Japanese forces during the second part of the war Corregidor island is one of the most historical sites in the Philippines with an occupied history dating back to the ’s. It’s bulbous head was the nerve center of the island during the war.

Corregidor Island, one of the most important and celebrated places of battle in the Pacific Theatre during World War 2- now that guns are finally silent, the island serves as a distinct destination for people of all ages and walks of life in order to understand, learn and appreciate the courage and bravery of Filipinos amidst the indescribable horrors of war.

The best place to stay on the island is Corregidor Inn, a bedroom hotel & resort with its own restaurant and bar located in the Middleside part of the island. They currently have 16 twin, 13 double, 1 single, and 1 suite rooms available. Back inI had a fun and quick trip with an old friend.

We tried that 1-Day Tour in Corregidor Island through Sun Cruises. We paid Php1, and that includes round-trip ferry transfers / shrine, entrance, and terminal fees / guided island tour, and buffet lunch.

I’ll post the complete information of Sun Cruises and their rates at the bottom part of this post. Visit Corregidor Island, where one of the most celebrated battles of World War II took place, on this full-day sightseeing tour from Manila.

This island provided the first line of defense for the Filipino and American soldiers from the invading Japanese forces during World War II.5/5(37).

Also part of the complex are Cine Corregidor, the island’s movie house, and a small park behind the flame monument, which allows a fantastic view of the island’s tail end.

Corregidor island a travel back in
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