Child marriage a human rights violation essay

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Medical ethics, human rights and law

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Child Marriage: A Human Rights Violation

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What work has Human Rights Watch conducted on child marriage? Human Rights Watch has cited cases of child marriage in Bangladesh, Chad, Egypt, India, Iraq, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Uganda, and Uzbekistan, and interviewed women and girls who experienced child marriage in Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Yemen, and.

child marriage is a serious form of human rights violation affecting young girls globally. It was estimated 10 million girls under the age of 18 get married every year (Bruce & Clark ) and according to Population Council Analysis of United Nations Country Data on Marriage (), more than million girls will get married in the next.

Therefore child marriage is considered as a violation of human rights and must be viewed within a context of force and coercion, because valid consent of the child is absent – and also often disregarded (Kumar ).

Child matrimony is a serious signifier of human rights misdemeanor impacting immature misss globally. It was estimated 10 million misss under the age of 18 get married every twelvemonth (Bruce & A ; Clark ) and harmonizing to Population Council Analysis of United Nations Country Data on Marriage ().

more than million misss will.

Arranged marriage Child marriage a human rights violation essay
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